Troposphric enhancement 06 July 2017

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A minor tropospheric conditions developed overnight on 5th July. The prediction maps were not showing anything spectacular and I wasn’t expecting to receive distant signals. I learn the lesson once. Weather is unpredictable. Maps on Hepburn’s website were showing some yellow colour over Denmark, especially in the morning.

I wake up early hoping to receive some DX, before it fade out. At around 0500 local time I was ready to scan the band. I noticed enhancement on 88.3 BBC Radio 2 from Sutton Coldfield. The signal was far from the stereo, but constant. That was a strong indication to me. I received BBC R2 from Sutton Coldfield many times via air scatter. The next station I tuned was 89.4 France Musique from Brest, that I also received in the past. Although Brest TX is rather strong, the signal I receive via tropo is always weak.

0600 UTC1800 UTC

Tropospheric predictions for early morning and evening on 6th July.

A nice surprise came between 0540-0550 local time, when I received 90.0 BBC Radio 2, 92.4 BBC Radio 3 and 94.4 BBC Radio 4 from Swingate TX (near Dover) in Kent. These are high power stations (10.00kW each) but I rarely receive it in Hatfield. It might be due to location or insufficient antenna height? The quality of recorded reception is the best I get so far.

Swingate TX fade out at around 0550 local time and I stopped on 101.9 MHz where I heard a foreign language. Normally, on 101.9 I would have a weak Classic FM from Peterborough. This wasn’t Classic FM. It’s a weak signal of Sky Radio from Goes in the Netherlands. It took me some time to identify the station. Surprising the signal was weak, but stable for about 10 minutes. This was a new station for me. I was quite happy. I also received 102.1 VRT Studio Brussel (with weak jingle ID) and stations from Heathfield TX (BBC & Heart Sussex) that get enhancement.

Goes (The Netherlands) and Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Belgium)

I come back to DXing in the evening and at around 2005 local time. Yet another new station reach my QTH. It was 89.5 VRT Klara from Sint-Pieters-Leeuw in Belgium. 89.5 is normally BBC R2 from Oxford, so I was very surprised when I heard classical music on this frequency. The signal was very weak, but enough to compare with web stream.

NOTE: I decided to post only new received signals in this log.

Tropospheric signals received in Hatfield, Herts (AL10 area)

UTC ITU MHz Station Location kW Pol. PS PI Mode Km Play
0455 HOL 101.9 Sky Radio Goes 49.00 V Mono 288 Play
1905 BEL 89.5 VRT Klara Sint-Pieters-Leeuw 50.00 V Mono 330 Play

Maps with help of
Prediction maps thanks to

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