Tropospheric ducting on 9th of March 2018

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QTH: Hatfield, Herts, 78m ASL, DX indoors
Grid locator: IO91VS
Aerial: FM folded dipole, FM Cubical Quad Loop antenna
Receiver: AIrspy HF+ SDR

2018 season begins with very poor first two months regarding FM propagation. The conditions, to say the least, were flat. I don’t believe the UK fellow DXers experienced any tropo lifts in January or February?

The weather was rather cold whilst “Beast from the East” covers entire Europe. The outbreak or “mini Beast” was also noted in March 2018.

It was certainly the hardest winter in the UK since 2010. The amount of the snow that we get is comparable with 2010 season, however, the temperature difference was more notable this year. It was bitterly cold with temperatures dropping up to -10 °C in my area during the night. During the day strong winds strengthened the cold.

In between those two events, there was a minor enhancement on 9th March that produces some local tropospheric lifts. I wish I could say ducts, but it was rather tropo scatter reflection, with signals being reflected similar to the air scatter reception.

0900UTC1200 UTC
F5LEN’s predictions for 09 March 2018


This was unexpected local tropospheric enhancement with signals being propagated no further than 300 km. The strength of the propagated signals was not to big. Most of the signals were received in Mono. I only used FM cubical quad antenna and Airspy HF+ on this reception.

Three new stations has been received: 98.0 BBC Three Counties Radio from High Wycombe, 104.5 BBC Three Counties Radio from Bow Brickhill and 100.5 Classic FM from Belmont (tent.)

I am not sure with 100.5 Classic FM reception that’s why I decided to mark it as tentative. It looks like the signal was coming in from Belmont but maps doesn’t show anything it this area, however, 93.1 BBC Radio 4 was also receveid during scanning. The other possible site would be in Wales?

Two new received signals are semi-local stations (low power TX’s) and impossible to receive during normal conditions. The reception is very weak but confronted with the web stream. I tried to receive these signals for a long time.

New signals at my QTH.

NOTE: I decided to post only new received signals in this log. My entire log from this day can be seen here.

Tropospheric signals received in Hatfield, Herts (AL10 area)

UTC ITU MHz Station Location kW Pol. PS PI Mode Km Play
0928 G 98.0 BBC Three Counties Radio High Wycombe 00.18 M Mono 39 Play
0933 G 100.5 Classic FM Belmont (T) 06.20 M Mono 175 Play
0940 G 104.5 BBC Three Counties Radio Bow Brickhill 02.20 M Mono 39 Play
0943 G 104.8 Biggles FM Potton 00.10 M Mono 40 Play

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