Tropospheric ducting 16 October 2017

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(T) stands for a tentative log. Sometimes in the recording title, you’ll see DV or LH letters. That represents antenna/position. DV stands for (FM) Dipole in Vertical and LH stands for Cubical Quad Loop in Horizontal. Other combinations are possible.

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On Monday 16th of October, 2017, tropo duct from France was slowly moving towards Germany and Poland. Nevertheless, another small lift has developed overnight in North-Western France. I was still hearing signals from France although the day was basically a repeat of 14th of October, with a much less intensity. There was no new stations received and greater distances. There was some update though.

French, Belgian and Dutch DXers were getting some monster signals from Germany. I haven’t received German stations at all. I was only listening in the morning for approx. 2 hours and received mostly French, Belgian and Holland stations.

Holland signals received via tropo on 16th October 2017

After French stations fade out at around 1000 local time, Belgian and Holland signals arrived. To my surprise, I received very strong signals from Egem (which are present here on a daily basis via sctrr) and this time produced PI codes. It was 101.5 VRT MNM and 102.1 VRT Studio Brussel. 101.5 VRT MNM I only received once in the past. VRT Studio Brussel is often here on nearly every opening toward South East, but never with PI code.

The furthest reception of this day was 99.9 France Inter from Tours at a distance of 499 km. The signal was battling with strong semi-local Kiss FM on 100.0 MHz.

QTH: Hatfield, Herts, 78m ASL, DX indoors
Grid locator: IO91VS
Aerial: half-wave folded dipole
Receiver: Pioneer DEH-4700MP

UTC ITU MHz Station Location kW Pol. PS PI Mode Km Play
0737 F 87.9 unID Unknown ? ? Mono ? Play
0742 F 88.0 France Culture Alençon 13.00 H Mono 347 Play
0745 F 89.0 France Culture Le Mans 126.00 H Mono 447 Play
0746 F 89.4 France Musique Brest 158.50 H Mono 455 Play
0750 F 90.2 France Musique Neufchâtel-en-Bray 5.00 H Mono 248 Play
0752 F 91.5 France Culture Caen 100.00 H Mono 312 Play
0754 F 92.0 France Musique Rouen 100.00 H Mono 284 Play
0756 F 92.7 France Inter Neufchâtel-en-Bray 5.00 H Mono 248 Play
0758 F 94.0 France Culture Rouen 100.00 H Mono 284 Play
0802 F 94.6 France Culture Chartres 32.00 H Mono 386 Play
0804 F 95.6 France Musique Caen 100.00 H Mono 312 Play
0805 F 96.0 France Inter Neufchâtel-en-Bray 5.00 H Mono 248 Play
0807 F 96.5 France Inter Rouen 100.00 H Mono 284 Play
0809 F 98.1 France Culture Chartres 32.00 H Mono 386 Play
0858 F 99.9 France Inter Tours 8.00 H Mono 499 Play
0900 BEL 100.1 VRT R.2 West-Vlaanderen Egem 50.00 V Mono 255 Play
0903 BEL 101.5 VRT MNM Egem 40.00 V 6305 Stereo 255 Play
0905 HOL 101.9 Sky Radio Goes 49.00 V Mono 288 Play
0906 BEL 102.1 VRT Studio Brussel Egem 50.00 V 6301 Stereo 255 Play
0911 BEL 104.6 RTBF Classic 21 Tournai 50.00 M Mono 280 Play
0913 BEL 106.0 RTBF La Première Tournai 50.00 M Mono 280 Play
0918 BEL 91.7 VRT Radio 1 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw 50.00 V Mono 330 Play
0921 HOL 94.8 NPO Radio 4 Smilde 50.00 V Mono 469 Play
0930 HOL 100.7 Qmusic Ijsselstein 67.60 V Mono 364 Play
0935 HOL 101.2 Sky Radio Hilversum 200.00 V Mono 374 Play

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