Tropospheric ducting 15 October 2017

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(T) stands for a tentative log. Sometimes in the recording title, you’ll see DV or LH letters. That represents antenna/position. DV stands for (FM) Dipole in Vertical and LH stands for Cubical Quad Loop in Horizontal. Other combinations are possible.

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Tropospheric ducting from 14th of October continues to the next day. Unfortunately, I can only listen during the early hours of the day and late at night. Nevertheless, I managed to receive some new signals. French stations, that I received yesterday, were still present (with less or greater intensity). I decided to not include them in the table below. I already received those and there is no point to submit it again. Let’s focus on new ones.

At 0845 local time, I was getting well-enhanced signals from Brest. The whole Brest tower was heard that very morning! I received 93.0 France Bleu Breizh Izel, 95.4 France Inter and 97.8 France Culture. These signals were not present on the previous night. And I am not surprised about their presence. Just have a look on the prediction map below.

At 0942 local time, I received weak signal of another new site. It was 94.2 France Culture from Nantes, which seems to be the furthest DX from this morning. The station was transmitting Sunday mas. The signal was weak but strong enough to confirm with the station web stream.

Later, at 1032 local time 103.4 BBC Radio Devon from North Hessary Tor appear with a weak signal. The site has only 15.00 kW output, so a nice surprise. That was pretty much for me in the morning.

Signals that were still present from last night:

87.8 France Inter from Paris
94.0 France Culture from Rouen
98.1 France Culture from Chartres
94.6 France Inter from Chartres
95.6 France Musique from Caen
99.6 Frabce Inter from Caen
102.6 France Bleu Normandie from Caen
95.1 France Inter from Laval
88.3 France Culture from Laval

Other new sites were received later at night. Normally, I use two antennas for DXing but that very night the loop antenna wasn’t in use. I was only using a half-wave folded dipole and yet again it seems to be a good choice.

At 2332 local time I received weak classical music on 89.8 Mhz. It appears to be France Musique from Abbeville. The web stream was matching the signal I was receiving. This site is only 2.00kW and it’s the first time I received it. The distance is 243 km. At 2339 local time Virgin Radio Côte d’Opale was heard with an ID on 91.5 MHz. The site is located in Boulogne-sur-Mer and it is a low power TX! The distance is 176 km.

At 2345 local time, I noticed a new weak signal on 92.0 MHz playing No Doubt – Don’t Speak. Shortly after the station jingle was heard. It was 92.0 Radio 6 from Boulogne-sur-Mer. Although the station is in the same town as Virgin Radio, the site seem to be different. The station has 0.80KW ERP output.

And the last station that I heard that evening was 99.9 France Culture from Boulogne-sur-Mer. The signal was getting through despite strong semi-local Kiss FM on 100 Mhz.

Tropospheric signals received inHatfield, Herts (AL10 area)

UTC ITU MHz Station Location kW Pol. PS PI Mode Km Play
0734 F 89.6 unID Unknown ? ? Mono ? Play
0745 F 93.0 France Bleu Breizh Izel Brest 158.50 H Mono 455 Play
0751 F 95.4 France Inter Brest 158.50 H Mono 455 Play
0756 F 97.8 France Culture Brest 158.50 H Mono 455 Play
0819 F 89.4 France Musique Brest 158.50 H Mono 455 Play
0842 F 94.2 France Culture Brest 251.00 H Mono 517 Play
0852 F 98.3 France Culture Rennes 100.00 H F202 Stereo 406 Play
0903 BEL 106.0 RTBF La Première Tournai 50.00 M Mono 280 Play
0908 F 91.5 France Culture Caen 100.00 H _CULTURE F202 Stereo 312 Play
0932 G 103.4 BBC Radio Devon North Hessary Tor 15.00 M Mono 296 Play
2232 F 89.8 France Musique Abbeville (T) 2.00 H Mono 243 Play
2235 F 90.2 France Musique Neufchâtel-en-Bray 5.00 H Mono 248 Play
2239 F 91.5 Virgin Radio Côte d’Opale Boulogne-sur-Mer 1.00 V Mono 176 Play
2243 F 92.0 Radio 6 Boulogne-sur-Mer 0.80 V Mono 178 Play
2255 F 99.9 France Culture Boulogne-sur-Mer 1.00 V Mono 176 Play

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