Tropospheric ducting 01 November 2017

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(T) stands for a tentative log. Sometimes in the recording title, you’ll see DV or LH letters. That represents antenna/position. DV stands for (FM) Dipole in Vertical and LH stands for Cubical Quad Loop in Horizontal. Other combinations are possible.

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QTH: Hatfield, Herts, 78m ASL, DX indoors
Grid locator: IO91VS
Aerial: FM folded dipole, FM Quad Loop antenna
Receiver: Pioneer DEH-4700MP

Tropospheric ducting from 31st October continues onto Wednesday, November 1st, 2017. After exhausting Tuesday, I manage to have 6 hours of sleep. I woke up early to gain more time on DX. I admit it, I was tired, but that doesn’t matter. I decided not to wait long and jump to DX quickly.

Just before I start the computer and get the things ready, I opened the window to get some fresh air. To my surprise, there was a very little wind outside and it felt rather warm. That only ensures me that predictions are spot on.

0600 UTC 0900 UTC 1200 UTC

Hepburn’s prediction maps

I positioned antennas in the same place as yesterday. FM dipole was set to V and loop antenna in H polarization. Not waiting too long, I start scanning the band. Straight away at 87.6 MHz, I received RMC (with vocal ID) presumably from Le Havre. Fantastic, the duct was still there!

In the meantime, I was reading the conversation from last night on SkywavesDX forum. Whilst scanning, in the early minutes of my DX, only French stations from North part of France were here. I began scanning on V dipole and around 0700 UTC I switched to loop in H. Soon after I received the following:

  • 91.4 France Musique // Troyes (557 km)
  • 92.8 France Music // Auxerre (534 km)
  • 93.0 France Inter // Alençon (347 km)
  • 93.1 France Inter // Sarrebourg (640 km)

At 0714 UTC I received 93.6 SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz R.Trier from Scharteberg in Germany. It was my first German station received that day. It was also a very good indication of duct moving towards Germany. At 0718 UTC I received 94.2 VRT Radio 1 from Schoten in Belgium, which is very close to the Netherlands border. After that, the first Holland station was heard today. It was 94.8 NPO Radio 4 from Smilde playing Classical music.

In the same time, other DXers from the UK began posting in the topic on SkywavesDX. @moordown66 posted:

I’ve got NL and Belgium and France all over the band plus some English. Not got time to go into details now as I’m late for work. Zach – you’re 10 mins from me…..get tuning!

I was there as well, but I wasn’t posting. I was so busy with the radio that I forgot to refresh the topic. Holland stations were here with extremely strong signals reaching RDS levels. I received them in the past but not with RDS.

Radio 10 Smilde Qmusic, Smilde

RDSSpy screens from Lelystad (Radio 10) and Smilde (Qmusic)

I hadn’t restart my laptop for about a week or so. I put it on sleep every time and I knew it needs the restart, but I didn’t have time to do it. I use Audacity to record my DX and due to loads of files remain in the laptop memory (RAM) the OS run-out of the memory (not the HDD space) at some point and I’ve got a message about it hanging on the middle of the screen!

Well, it was certainly not the best time for a reboot. I get around it, somehow… but all 8GB ram that I have in this laptop was used in 95%. The laptop was very slow and start running hot. I keep, however, using it without reboot until I finished DXing. It was a nightmare!

Sadly, not much time left for DX as I had to be at work at 1 PM. I decided to skip stations that I already received and log only new ones. The whole band was flooded with stations from Holland! I received many new signals.

Holland DX reception

Reception of Holland signals

I noticed that Smilde TX was very strong that morning (sending signals with RDS levels) but other small TX’s were involved too. Apart of a few, the Dutch stations were received on an FM dipole in V. The new sites were logged such Wieringerwerf, Tjerkgaast, Alkmaar and Jirnsum. In between, recording and scanning the band, I found some time to reply in the topic:

Up since 0630 local time and now I’ve to go to work, shame! It’s a total Maaaaadnesss! Laptop run out of memory! All band is flooded with Holland and German signals. French stations already fade out. Good DX!

A very exciting morning. At around midday German signals (with up to 600 km) were here. It always happens when I have to leave! The feeling when you have to stop and go in the middle of something is unacceptable. Such good tropospheric conditions like this don’t happen very often.

Among many German signals, that I received that morning, one DX need to be highlighted. At 1131 UTC I received German voice speaking (with QRM) on 98.1. After further investigation and locating the web stream, it turns out to be 98.1 Deutschlandfunk (Dlf) from Schwerte. The distance is 538 km and transmitter ERP is only 0.20kW! There must have been a massive temperature inversion in this area since I receive this signal indoors.

The last station I logged at 1224 UTC was 106.3 SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz R.Koblenz from Bad Marienberg (584 km). I was already late to work.

German DX reception

Reception of German signals

This was another excellent tropospheric ducting this year. Signals were very strong and widespread. In the early hours of DX, I was receiving France and Belgium. Soon after Belgian signals fade out Holland occupied the band. I could only imagine what I missed when I left.

Whilst at work, I was checking DX Maps website occasionally. The duct was getting weaker but was still hanging over Germany until the late evening.

How about other DXers?

As I was logging my DX on, I also have seen other DXers logging at the same time. There is one downside of using whilst DXing live – multitasking! Apart from that, it’s great fun and helps a lot.

DX maps

The map on was all green from logs. It’s good to be part of this gang hunting for new signals, but It also very depressing when you don’t get anything.

The UK DXers like Tim Bucknall (DX log) and Andy Pritchard (DX log) logged signals up to 900 km. Andrew Webster from Wigan also done very well receiving signals up to 837 km. Ian Kelly from Tilehurst, in Berkshire, received signals up to 789 km distance (DX log).

Mike Fallon from Saltdean in East Sussex must have been away because I have seen very little DX from his QTH. daveB from Sittingbourne in Kent logged signals up to 682 km (DX log). Nick Gilly from Whitchurch in Hampshire received signals up to 829 km distance. His recordings can be found here.

I also have seen mysterious DXer from Rainham joining when I was about to leave. Studying his log (a very nice log by the way) I can see that he logged signals up to 775 km. John Faulkner from Skegness (DX log) began logging at 1029 UTC, but he must have other things to do that day as his log is very short.

Another new DXer was seen logging from Barnstaple in North Devon, but I think he missed the duct and very little DX is logged. I only saw him logging once before. I hope he will come back. I remember this DXer logging on 17th October, during another excellent tropo lift to France. He surprised me with his logs.

Janpeter van Dijk from Zoetermeer in Holland began logging at 0623 UTC, about 20 minutes before me. His log is very long, but the furthest signal he received was 721 km.

The longest DX I received this morning was 95.5 France Music from Clermont-Ferrand at a distance of 707 km. However, German stations were available when I was leaving so I reckon this could be beaten If I continued.

This tropo brings 51 NEW signals to my area.

FM list log

Tropospheric signals received in Hatfield, Herts (AL10 area)

UTC ITU MHz Station Location kW Pol. PS PI Mode Km Play
0643 F 87.6 RMC Le Havre (T) 01.00 V Mono 254 Play
0645 F 87.8 France Inter Paris 10.00 V Stereo 370 Play
0647 F 87.9 Virgin Radio Côte d’Opale Montreuil 01.00 V Mono 188 Play
0650 F 88.2 unID Unknown ? ? Mono Play
0655 F 88.9 unID Unknown ? ? Mono Play
0657 F 89.6 RDL Saint-Omer 02.00 V Mono 215 Play
0701 F 91.1 unID Unknown ? ? Mono Play
0706 F 91.4 France Musique Troyes 63.00 H Stereo 537 Play
0709 F 92.8 France Inter Auxerre (T) 05.00 H Stereo 534 Play
0711 F 93.0 France Inter Alençon 13.00 H Stereo 347 Play
0712 F 93.1 France Inter Sarrebourg (T) 08.00 H Mono 640 Play
0714 D 93.6 SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz R.Trier Scharteberg 08.00 H Mono 519 Play
0716 F 93.8 France Musique Sens 10.00 H Mono 460 Play
0718 BEL 94.2 VRT Radio 1 Schoten 20.00 V Mono 335 Play
0720 F 94.6 France Inter Sens 32.00 H F201 Stereo 386 Play
0722 HOL 94.8 NPO Radio 4 Smilde 90.00 V Mono 469 Play
0725 F 96.3 France Inter Sens 10.00 H Mono 460 Play
0727 F 96.8 France Inter Reims-Épernay 158.50 M F201 Stereo 419 Play
0729 BEL 97.5 VRT Radio 2 Antwerpen Schoten 20.00 V Stereo 335 Play
0733 D 98.7 Deutschlandfunk (Dlf) Großer Feldberg 60.00 H Mono 632 Play
0737 HOL 100.7 Qmusic Unknown ? ? Mono Play
0740 101.0 unID Unknown ? ? Mono Play
0742 HOL 102.1 Sky Radio Hilversum 200.00 V Mono 374 Play
0746 HOL 103.0 Radio Veronica Hilversum 40.00 V Mono 374 Play
0749 F 103.5 Virgin Radio Paris 10.00 V Mono 370 Play
0751 HOL 103.6 Radio 10 Amsterdam 15.10 V Mono 356 Play
0753 F 104.3 RTL Paris 10.00 V Mono 370 Play
0756 F 105.1 FIP Paris Paris 10.00 V Mono 370 Play
0757 F 105.3 France Info Unknown ? ? (V) Mono Play
0807 D 105.9 Hit Radio FFH Rhein-Main Großer Feldberg 60.00 H Mono 632 Play
0810 G 106.6 Smooth Radio East Midlands Waltham 10.80 H Mono 121 Play
0812 D 106.7 WDR Eins Live Langenberg 70.00 H Mono 512 Play
0814 D 106.8 Hit Radio FFH Mittelhessen Driedorf 32.00 H Mono 598 Play
0818 F 107.3 unID Unknown ? ? Mono Play
0820 F 107.4 Fun Radio Lisieux 01.00 V Mono 293 Play
0824 LUX 88.9 RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg Dudelange 100.00 H Mono 515 Play
0827 F 89.8 France Musique Abbeville 02.50 H Mono 243 Play
0832 BEL 91.2 RTBF Musiq’3 Brussel 10.00 C Mono 336 Play
0838 BEL 91.7 VRT Radio 1 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw 50.00 V Mono 330 Play
0840 BEL 92.8 RTBF Musiq’3 Profondeville-Rivière 10.00 M Stereo 389 Play
0845 D 95.9 WDR 3 Aachen 20.00 H Mono 464 Play
0848 D 97.4 SWR4Rheinland-Pfalz R.Koblenz Linz 50.00 H Mono 545 Play
0850 F 98.3 Skyrock Saint-Quentin 01.00 V Mono 326 Play
0854 BEL 99.9 VRT Radio 1 Genk 20.00 V Mono 409 Play
0856 F 100.7 unID Unknown ? ? Mono Play
0858 D 100.8 WDR 2 Aachen Aachen 20.00 H Stereo 464 Play
0903 F 101.4 France Bleu Alsace Strasbourg 50.00 H Mono 650 Play
0911 D 104.7 WDR Eins Live Nordhelle 35.00 H Stereo 558 Play
0915 F 105.9 unID Unknown ? ? Mono Play
0918 D 106.4 WDR Eins Live Aachen 20.00 H Stereo 464 Play
0921 HOL 87.7 Radio 10 Lelystad 114.82 V Mono 397 Play
0923 HOL 87.9 Omroep Zeeland Goes 15.00 V Mono 286 Play
0928 HOL 88.0 NPO Radio 2 Smilde 90.00 V Mono 469 Play
0930 HOL 87.7 Radio 10 Lelystad 114.82 V Radio_10 83D2 Stereo 397 Play
0932 HOL 88.6 NPO 3FM Smilde 40.00 V Stereo 469 Play
0935 HOL 90.8 Radio Drenthe Smilde 03.00 V Mono 469 Play
0939 HOL 91.4 NPO Radio 4 Markelo 80.00 V Mono 460 Play
0940 HOL 91.6 Radio Veronica Amsterdam 04.40 V Mono 356 Play
0942 HOL 91.8 NPO Radio 1 Smilde 90.00 V NPO_R1__ 8201 Stereo 469 Play
0944 HOL 92.6 NPO Radio 2 Ijsselstein 70.00 V Mono 364 Play
0946 HOL 93.4 Radio Rijnmond Rotterdam 10.20 V Mono 322 Play
0948 HOL 94.7 NPO Radio 4 Rotterdam 13.00 V Mono 322 Play
0950 HOL 94.8 NPO Radio 4 Smilde 90.00 V NPO_R4__ 8204 Stereo 469 Play
0952 F 95.5 France Musique Clermont-Ferrand 40.00 H Mono 707 Play
0954 BEL 95.7 VRT Radio 1 Egem 50.00 V RADIO__1 6301 Stereo 255 Play
0957 HOL 96.2 NPO 3FM Markelo 80.00 V Mono 460 Play
0959 HOL 96.8 NPO 3FM Ijsselstein 72.43 V Mono 364 Play
1002 HOL 98.0 Radio Decibel Editie Noord-Holland Amsterdam 11.70 V Mono 356 Play
1004 HOL 98.4 NPO Radio 1 Markelo 80.00 V Mono 460 Play
1017 F 99.8 Mona FM Lille 01.00 V Mono 266 Play
1019 HOL 100.4 Qmusic Smilde 90.00 V 83C8 Stereo 469 Play
1022 HOL 101.6 NPO Radio 4 Wieringerwerf 30.00 V Stereo 382 Play
1024 HOL 102.3 Radio 538 Alkmaar (T) 13.20 V Mono 354 Play
1026 HOL 102.5 Radio 538 Tjerkgaast 100.00 V Mono 423 Play
1029 HOL 102.7 Radio 538 Amsterdam (T) 100.0 V Mono 322 Play
1034 F 105.5 France Info Reims-Épernay 40.00 V Mono 419 Play
1037 G 107.4 Leisure FM Coggeshall 00.03 V Mono 61 Play
1044 BEL 89.5 VRT Klara Sint-Pieters-Leeuw 50.00 V Klara___ 6303 Stereo 330 Play
1059 HOL 92.2 Omrop Fryslân Radio Jirnsum 25.00 V Stereo 434 Play
1100 BEL 92.3 RTBF Vivacité Charleroi Anderlues 50.00 M Mono 349 Play
1106 HOL 93.9 NH Radio Editie Noord Wieringerwerf 11.00 V Mono 382 Play
1112 D 98.1 WDR 3 Nordhelle 35.00 H Mono 558 Play
1116 D 99.2 WDR 2 Rhein-Ruhr Langenberg 100.00 H Mono 512 Play
1117 BEL 99.5 RTBF Musiq’3 Liège 50.00 M Mono 425 Play
1021 HOL 100.4 Qmusic Smilde 90.00 V Qmusic__ 83C8 Stereo 469 Play
1131 D 104.4 Deutschlandfunk (Dlf) Schwerte 00.20 H Mono 538 Play
1138 D 106.7 WDR Eins Live Langenberg 70.00 H Stereo 512 Play
1141 D 107.9 WDR Eins Live Münster 25.00 H Mono 522 Play
1156 D 89.8 SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz Bad Marienberg 25.00 H Mono 584 Play
1200 BEL 92.8 RTBF Musiq’3 Profondeville-Rivière 10.00 M Stereo 389 Play
1202 BEL 95.6 RTBF Classic 21 Liège 50.00 M Mono 425 Play
1208 BEL 95.6 RTBF Classic 21 Anderlues 50.00 M Mono 349 Play
1210 D 99.6 hr-info Sackpfeife 100.00 H Mono 616 Play
1212 D 99.8 NDR 2 Niedersachsen Steinkimmen 100.00 H Mono 607 Play
1218 D 102.9 RPR 1 Koblenz Bad Marienberg
15.00 H Mono 584 Play
1222 D 105.7 Antenne Niedersachsen Oldenburg/Küste Steinkimmen 100.00 H Mono 607 Play
1224 D 106.3 SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz R.Koblenz Bad Marienberg 25.00 H Mono 584 Play

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Prediction maps thanks to

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