87.6 Radio Capital, Noto (Contrada Sant’Elia) in Sicily, Italy

  87.6 Radio Capital from Noto (Sicily) in Italy is the second (identified) lowest powered station that I received during 2017 Sporadic-E season. Originally, the station has been receievd as unidentified Italian station. Many thanks to Franco Martelli for positive identification. Date UTC ITU MHz Station Location kW Pol. PS PI Mode Km Play 20/06/17 […]

Sporadic-E 2017 season logs

NOTE: The table below is fully sortable please click headline (i.e. Station) to sort the table. (T) stands for a tentative log. Sometimes in the recording title, you’ll see DV or LH letters. That represents antenna/position. DV stands for (FM) Dipole in Vertical and LH stands for Cubical Quad Loop in Horizontal. Other combinations are […]

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