Best DX


  • Upon until October 14th, 2017 the furthest tropospheric reception that I received indoors was 105.5 WDR Eins Live from Teutoburger Wald in Germany at a distance of 623 km. During the same tropospheric lift, I also received another signal from the same transmitter. It was 90.6 WDR 5.
  • On October 14th, 2017 my existing Tropo reception record has been beaten. During big tropospheric lift to France, I received four stations that beat my existing record. The furthest station was 88.2 France Culture from Ussel-Meymac at a distance 711 km.
  • An existing Tropo reception record from October 14th, 2017 was beaten just three days later when I received 107.9 PR 1 from Koszalin in Poland at a distance 1164 km. This is still my furthest tropo DX reception.


(2017 season)

  • Sporadic-E 2017 season is finished. It’s been a very good season for me. Between June and August 2017 I have 22 days with Sporadic-E reception. The longest Sporadic-E receptions come from Algeria (ALG), particularly from Zarzis. I received signals from two stations: RTT Radio Tataouine and RTT Radio Culture. Both stations transmitting from the same tower. The distance is 2224 km.
  • I also received many stations with distance exceeding 2000 km.
  • The lowest (identified) powered station received was 87.8 Radio Infinit from Novaci in Romania (ROU). Transmitter E.R.P. is rated at 0.10kW. The distance is 1898 km. The second lowest (identified) powered station received was 87.6 Radio Capital from Noto (Sicily Island) in Italy. The station E.R.P is 0.20kW and the distance is 2044 km.
  • The shortest (identified) Sporadic-E reception was 87.6 France Inter from Murat-sur-Vèbre at a distance 930 km. Although 87.6 MHz Skyrock from France could be the shortest skip too.
  • I also received a large number of unidentified stations.
Updated: 12-Dec-2018
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